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Ph.D., Professor/Department Chair

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AUM Pre-engineering program

If you are going to take Calculus I (Math 1610) or higher mathematics class in the upcoming semester,  you will be advised by Dr. Yue Chen (Phone: 3342443261, ychen5@aum.edu. Otherwise please go to Room 207, Goodwyn Hall for general advising (phone: 244-3592).

Information about the curriculum of Pre-engineering at AUM can be found at the following links.

Program information/curriculum sheet   Study Plan      Engineering Club    ASPE Scholarship for PEN students (annual announcement in Fall) 

 Math Placement Test

Independent Study/Add/Drop    Incomplete Grade    Withdrawal  from the university ( Policy,   Authorization Form )

Grade Forgiveness (Policy,  Form)      Grade Change  Cross Enrollment at Faulkner and Huntindon (Policy,   Form)

Transient study authorization (Policy, School of Sciences Form, AUM Registrar Form) 

AUM CLEP AND DANTES CREDIT  AUM AP credits    AUM core curriculum 

Math701/801 Lab Assistantship  Instructional Support Lab (ISL) assistantship    

AU Engineering transfer students webpage    AU registrar transfer students page      Transfer Course Equivalency Tables      AU Scholarship Info 
AU Core curriculum    AU ACT/SAT credit, AP, IB, CLEP information    

AU engineering major curriculum (note not all pages are updated to the most recent):

AERO     BSEN ( Ecological Opt.   Forest Opt. )   CHEN   CIVIL (science Elective CSCI (math electives, science requirement)
 ECPE   ELEC (science/math elective)   INSY  MATL   MECH  PFEN ( PLEN, FBEN )   SWEN   WIRE ( science/math elective )
 WIRS (science/math elective for software specialization)

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